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We are Public Liability insurance specialists and we offer competitive quotations for Consultants.

Occ 04

Consultant Eligible (occupations):

  • Acoustic Consultant
  • Advertising & Marketing Consultant
  • Agriculture Consultant
  • Air-conditioning Consultant
  • Automation Consultant
  • Brand & Design Consultant
  • Building Consultant
  • Business and Management Consultant
  • Computer Hardware Consultant
  • Computer Software Consultant
  • Cost Consultant
  • Database Management Consultant
  • Debt Management Consultant
  • Design Consultant
  • Desk based buyer Consultant
  • Diet Consultant Excluding Advice Risks
  • Drainage Consultant
  • Education Consultant
  • Electronics Consultant
  • Employment Consultant
  • Energy Conservation Consultant
  • Environment Consultant
  • Environmental Impact Consultant
  • Environmental Science, Hydro geology and Hydrology
  • Consultant
  • Export Consultant
  • Financial Consultant
  • Fire Safety Consultant
  • Fireproofing Consultant
  • Fisheries Consultant
  • Food Safety & Hygiene Consultant
  • Forestry Consultant
  • Hair & Beauty Consultant
  • Heating Consultant
  • Heating Costs Consultant
  • Horticulture Consultant
  • Hotel and Catering Consultant
  • Human Resources Consultant
  • Image Consultant
  • Immigration Consultant
  • Import Consultant
  • Insurance Consultant

Why should I consider Public Liability cover?

  • If you visit or carry out work at your clients’ offices
  • If your clients visit you at your office

Cover Features:

  • Public Liability Limit of indemnity options: €2,600,000 or € 6,500,000, depending on level of risk you feel you are exposed to
  • Cover applies in the Republic of Ireland
  • Multiple Republic of Ireland locations automatically covered

Cover is, at all times, subject to acceptance criteria, policy terms and conditions

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