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Public Liability Insurance for Teachers and Tutors

Public liability Insurance protects the policyholder for claims made against them for their legal liability for third party property damage and personal injury, which happens in connection with the business of the insured.

We are Public Liability insurance specialists and we offer competitive quotations for TEACHERS and TUTORS and with information available online, you can make an informed choice before purchasing cover.

Below is a list of example TEACHERS AND TUTORS we can provide insurance for, click get a quote to select your occupation and obtain a quote.

Teachers and Tutors we Insure

  • Academic Teacher/ Tutor
  • Art Teacher
  • Arts and Crafts Teacher
  • Assistive Technology / Literacy Support Teacher
  • Dance / Singing / Drama Teacher
  • Grind Teacher
  • IT and Computer Skills Teacher
  • Language Teacher
  • Music Teacher
  • Public Speaking Teacher
  • Science Teacher
  • Other Type of Teacher…

We offer highly competitive quotations for a wide range of occupations on the site – over 400 to be precise!

Why should I consider Public Liability cover?

  • If a student is injured during a class whilst in your care, you may be held liable
  • You may be held liable for property damage arising during the course of your business

Our public liability insurance for teachers policy protects you and your business against risks such as:

Injury to the Public

If a student slips on some water you accidentally spilled on the floor where the class is held

Injury to the Public

If you accidentally drop something heavy on the floor of the venue where the classes are held and it is damaged and has to be replaced

Our public liability insurance policy protects you and your business against risks such as:

  • Public Liability Limit of Indemnity: €2,600,000 or € 6,500,000, depending on level of risk you feel you are exposed to
  • Cover applies at any location in the Republic of Ireland
  • Multiple locations automatically covered

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