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Public Liability Insurance For Interior Designers

Public Liability Insurance for Interior Designers

Public liability insurance for Interior Designers

Public liability insurance for interior designers covers you from claims made against you by members of the public whilst you are conducting your business.

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Why do Interior Designers need Public Liability Insurance?

As an interior designer, you transform homes, offices, commercial or social spaces into something new and improved. This vision will often take time to construct and while a space is being renovated, refurbished or under-going some construction, there is always a chance of something going wrong.

Where members of the public are present, someone could slip, trip or fall and sustain an injury and you may be held liable as it occurred where you were conducting your business.

Even if you were not responsible for the injury or property damage you may still have to defend a claim which can incur great legal fees.

Your public liability insurance policy will cover the costs of these legal fees whether you are found liable or not. In a case where you are found to be liable, your public liability insurance policy will also cover any compensation that may be awarded.

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