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Average Value And Volume Of Public Liability Award 2010 – 2018

Average Value and Volume of Public Liability Award 2010 – 2018

Public Liability Average Awards Value

With the focus on public liability insurance and personal injury awards in the media in recent months. We have decided to compile the data from the Personal Injury Assessment Commission once again and add the latest information from 2018.

Average Public Liability Award
According to the PIAB

In 2018, the average public liability award was €28,372. This is an increase of €734 on the previous year and continues the trend of increased average awards every year since 2015.

Volume of Public Liability Awards

According to the PIAB

As we can see from the above graph, the number of awards in 2018 has dropped to 2,188 in 2018 from 2,305 from 2017.

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance protects you from claims made against you by members of the public while you are conducting your business. Unfortunately sometimes the unexpected can happen and when it does, public liability insurance is your safety net.

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The information used in the graphs on this post are sourced from the PIAB website:

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