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Frequently Asked Questions

If I cancel my policy mid-term, can I get a refund?

I am a teacher and I hold classes in a few different venues, does this policy cover me?

I need cover for six months but your site only offers cover for twelve months - can I buy a policy that will cover me for six months?

The Venue I will be conducting my business from requires a Specific Letter of Indemnity with their interest noted – where do I get this and how much does it cost?

How soon can I get my documents once I purchase the policy?

Can I send in a cheque for payment?

Can I arrange this cover over the phone instead of doing it online?

Can I pay by installments?

Can I add employer’s liability at a later date?

Can I take out a policy jointly with my friend who does the same thing as me?

I didn’t receive an e-mail confirming cover, what do I do now?

My occupation isn’t listed; how do I get a quote?
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